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April 2024 - Spring Cleaning Issue

Welcoming spring and fresh starts!
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Accessible Articles below:

BECKY'S CORNER - A note from our Director

March 19, 2024, marked the dawn of spring this year, reminding us of renewal and growth. Just like the changing seasons, life presents us with sunny days and rainy ones, each contributing to the beauty that surrounds us. Luther Burbank wisely advises us, "Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul."
Spring is not just a season but a metaphor for life itself. It's a time of transition and gratitude for the beauty that unfolds around us – from blooming flowers to blossoming trees. Each new sprout reaching towards the sun offers a revitalizing experience for the soul.
Amidst the beauty of spring lies the tradition of "spring cleaning." While it may vary from household to household, the essence remains the same – a thorough cleaning to welcome the season. At Harbor and in the homes of those we support, spring cleaning is an opportunity for deep cleaning and renewal. Together, support staff and individuals collaborate to create a clean and safe space, ensuring that everyone feels at home.
As Lailah Gifty Akita reminds us, "When your environment is clean, you feel happy, motivated, and healthy." Motivation, as Walt Disney suggests, begins with action. A clean space fosters calm and order, allowing us to relax and enjoy our surroundings. Conversely, clutter can contribute to stress and anxiety, highlighting the importance of maintaining a tidy environment.
Finding motivation to clean may vary for each individual – from setting aside time daily to simply putting things away after use. Regardless of the approach, maintaining a clean environment is essential for overall well-being. So let's embrace the spirit of spring cleaning, remembering that "everything is figureoutable," as Marie Forleo wisely says.

Happy Days to all of you,
Love, Becky

A Tribute

Marian Clarke  4/26/39 - 2/14/24

On Valentine's Day 2024, our community lost a beacon of love and compassion as Marian, Leroy's beloved mother, returned home. Our journey began over 24 years ago when Leroy was referred to CHOICESS for supported living services. From that moment, Marian's dedication to her little Leroy’s happiness and well-being was unwavering. Her fierce advocacy extended beyond Leroy, encompassing all individuals with disabilities, championing their right to a fulfilling life. Yet, amid challenges, Marian's infectious laughter and unwavering smile lit up the darkest of days.

I vividly recall Marian's voice on the phone, always brimming with warmth and love. Leroy's first call, whether in joy or distress, was to his mom, who provided comfort, counsel, or shared in his jubilation. Marian's essence is captured in countless descriptors: kind, selfless, strong, humorous, and sweet, to name a few. Her love for her immediate family—Leroy, 'Big Leroy' (her husband), Katie (her daughter), Tony (her son-in-law), Alyssa (her granddaughter), and Ryan (her grandson)—knew no bounds. Marian's acceptance of each individual for who they were made her a magnet for love.

Her love for all things Disney was palpable, evident in the joy-filled family trips and cherished memories created. Whether it was annual excursions to Lake Tahoe or countless road trips exploring places significant to Leroy and her family, Marian's spirit of adventure and love permeated every moment.

As we navigate life without her physical presence, Marian's love and memories remain etched in our hearts. Though we will miss her deeply, her legacy of kindness and compassion lives on. Let us honor Marian's memory by emulating her love for others and for each other. For Marian, the essence of love was in the hug, the smile, and the voice of caring—all of which we will cherish forever.

We will all miss her greatly but will smile remembering hers. Honor her through everything you do for others and in your love for each other. She will be watching over us with pride and joy.

- Your friend, Becky



This month, we proudly shine the spotlight on Emily! She is a beacon of intelligence, warmth, and creativity in our Harbor community. Emily's quick wit and big heart illuminate every interaction with her, making her an invaluable member of our family. With a passion for films and TV shows, Emily is our go-to guru for the best recommendations. Beyond the screen, she finds joy in the simple pleasures of sushi, bowling, and the timeless melodies of rock and roll. She cherishes moments spent with loved ones above all else. Emily's dedication to self-advocacy and fairness is truly admirable, reflecting her unwavering commitment to ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Her determination and compassion serve as guiding lights within our community. She inspires us all to strive for a better, and more inclusive world. Perhaps most importantly, Emily's welcoming nature and hearty laughter are infectious. She creates an environment of positivity and lightness, wherever she goes. We so appreciate Emily's outlook on life and everyone always feels uplifted in her presence. Her zest for life is contagious, infusing every moment with excitement and possibility. Emily, as we celebrate you this month, we are grateful for the light you bring into our lives and the inspiration you provide. Here's to many more shared moments of laughter, friendship, and growth ahead!


Celebrating Celine, a compassionate and caring person currently pursuing her studies at UCSC. With a genuine heart for others, Celine brings a deep sense of empathy, warmth and understanding to her role at Harbor. Known for her attentive listening skills and genuine concern for the well-being of those she cares for, Celine goes above and beyond to provide personalized support and companionship. Whether it's lending a compassionate ear or offering a comforting presence, she approaches caregiving with warmth and kindness. Celine's empathetic nature allows her to connect deeply with individuals, recognizing and honoring their unique needs and preferences. She believes in the power of empathy to foster trust and build meaningful relationships, essential elements in providing quality care. In her spare time, Celine finds solace in music, television shows, and prayer, activities that not only bring her joy but also serve as opportunities for self-reflection, self care and renewal. She understands the importance of maintaining balance and finding moments of peace amidst life's challenges. With her compassionate approach and unwavering dedication to those she cares for, Celine embodies the essence of empathy in caregiving. Her genuine concern for others and commitment to providing compassionate support make her a valuable member of our community.


San Jose Sharks Autism Acceptance Night

Sunday , April 7th 3:00 PM San Jose Sharks Group Night website

The San Jose Sharks will host their 2nd Annual Autism Acceptance Group Night on Sunday, April 7th, as they face-off against the Arizona Coyotes! During this night, the Sharks will be hosting an exciting one-night sensory room for individuals who need a little extra space to enjoy the game. Additionally, sensory kits will be available at the stadium for those that need them at the concourses near our North and South entrances. A portion of each ticket sold will also go directly to the Pacific Autism Center for Education.

Inner Light community Gathering  Featuring the Lovebyrds

Sunday April 7th 3:00pm - 4:00pm Resource Center for Nonviolence 612 Ocean Street

Join in a community gathering with a speaker on "Finding our Place in Change" AND featuring our favorite Lovebyrds Justin and Laura!

Starry Night Wonder Ball Dance

Friday April 19th, 5-7 PM Twin Lakes Church

Register Here A spring formal for the special needs community! $15 per person and $5 per cargiver. Ticket includes; corsage/boutonniere, photo booth, dancing, appetizers, desserts and non-alcoholic beverages. Tickets can be purchased until April 15th. For more information contact Nancy (831) 254-2490


We have a calendar on our website with current event details. Save it to your bookmarks & reference throughout the month!


We would love to feature your photos in our upcoming newsletters. Please send any photos via e-mail to:



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