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April 2023

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Accessible Articles below:

BECKY'S CORNER - A note from our Director

And suddenly you just know...It's time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.
NEW BEGINNINGS!!! That’s what Spring is all about. The first day of Spring was March 20th this year. The sun will begin to warm the winter chills. Flowers will replace the winter rains. Spring reminds us that all is attainable and NOTHING is out of reach. April is the first whole month of Spring and the weather is neither too cold nor too hot. It gives us more time to spend outdoors with people we love. Now is the perfect time to enjoy Spring fun with loved ones.
We often need reminders that we can’t pour from an empty cup. Just like flowers, we need to have nutrients and water in order to bloom. So, take care of yourself, give yourself time to grow. And you will find a better version of you waiting ahead.
I read this “April Kindness Challenge” and want to pass it along. Smile at a stranger; Write a thank-you note; Bring treats for coworkers; Donate to a good cause; Leave a nice comment online. Which of you will fulfill all of these challenges?
The work we do and the lives we lead are both strenuous and rewarding in so many ways. Our community is overflowing with caring and support for everyone around us but we cannot forget to fill our own ‘cup’. We know that completing the kindness challenges above will enrich the lives of others but they also will contribute to OUR best life. At Harbor Supported Living Services we endeavor to enhance the quality of all of the lives we touch including the people that have invited us into their lives to support them, the families of those people, the tireless staff that walk through life with others and the general community we live in. The enhancement of lives around us indeed will enhance our own. The best definition of self-care that I have seen is this:
“The active process of making your body and mind a pleasant place to inhabit, by filling your own cup first. This ensures you have enough to give others.”

There are some special holidays in April that you may not be aware of:
  • 4/10 National Siblings Day

  • 4/22 Earth Day

  • 4/22 National Jelly Bean Day

  • 4/25 Administrative Professionals Day

  • 4/26 National Pretzel Day

  • 4/30 National Honesty Day

We all live our lives the way we design and choose to live. Every day is precious and unique and unrepeatable (to quote author Robert Perske). Be responsible for your own happiness because you are the only one who can make it happen. Be inspired and happy!! New beginnings are definitely magical. Trust the magic.

Happy Days to Each and every one of you,
<3 Becky



Anya is a colorful, one of a kind spirit, you are sure to know when she enters a room. She is always sure to check in with the people she cares about, and ask little questions that let you know she pays attention to the little things. She is kind, funny and compassionate.
She is a comedian and loves to make people laugh! Her laugh and smile can light up the room in an instance. Anya likes to make connections with everyone she meets and can remember any detail that is shared with her.
Mary Jane says, "Anya is such a kind and curious person. Her jokes are always the highlight of my day. She reminds me that it's okay to take a rest day, and enjoy the little things! Her love for the people she cares about is so special! She is also a really good helper when it comes to helping Gia with homework! The first time I met Anya she smiled and said your Steph's mom i said yes she said I'm going to call you Mama Mary. I like having our talks in the morning about how my family is, joking around and laughing. Anya inspires me to be strong-willed and to stay positive. I appreciate Anya for her bold honesty and for her kindness, so much that I consider her to be one of my closest friends."
Anya always puts a smile on your face.
Anya Peskin is an intelligent and friendly social person who cares for others. Every person that meets Anya and gets to know Anya touches their heart. Anya's capacity to love deeply is beyond comparison. She is a great friend to have and share your life with. I am so happy I received the opportunity to be in her life.


Stephanie has always included Anya as a part of her family and has been a great housemate for Anya. Anya enjoys going to her daughter's soccer games, family events, and on trips with Stephanie. They have gone to San Diego and to raging water in San Jose. They plan trips any chance they can to share experiences together.Stephanie is a great friend and listener. I love chit chatting with her in the mornings and catching up on the week. She's a wonderful mom and awesome co worker! Even though Stephanie works another job during the day, Anya never feels like she is being left behind. Stephanie is a kind soul that continuously looks to brighten up people's lives. It is a pleasure working with her.



Harbor SLS is doing an online fundraiser this year to lessen the cost of camping for the people we support, the staff that attend, and extra agency costs.
Every year, the agency looks forward to this vacation and hanging out with their friends by the river. Activities we provide include tie-dying, star gazing, hiking, rafting, and a talent show! It's a grand time spent laughing and relaxing with amazing people.
If you would like to donate you can use this link to access our GoFundMe or you can write a check and send it to the office :)



Wendy Baker- 4/3
Christina Imperio- 4/ 5
Edward Henricksen- 4/14
Mary Jane Garcia- 4/16
Jason Dane- 4/20
Gilbert Madriz- 4/20
Daniel Machado- 4/21
Yuridia Cebada Martell- 4/26


Chris Arreola- 1 year
Natalie Gonzalez- 1 year
Jallen Estime- 1 year
Alex Sanchez- 3 years
Samira Totah- 4 years


Have you ever wanted to learn how to play percussion instruments or brush up on your skills? Megan Oatey will start having percussion classes once a month. Megan will be bringing instruments like maracas, triangles and much more. Megan has been playing instruments for over seven years and she is also looking to brush up on her skills by teaching others and having a great time learning. If you are interested please join us at the Harbor office every Third Friday of the month at 1:30PM



We have a calendar on our website with current event details. Save it to your bookmarks & reference throughout the month!


We would love to feature your photos in our upcoming newsletters. Please send any photos via e-mail to:



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